Invicta FC’s Alexa Conners launches In Your Corner

Invicta FC fighter Alexa Conners has founded In Your Corner to help combat sports athletes and their families prevent crises and navigate mental health challenges.

In recent years, many MMA fighters, boxers, and other combat sports practitioners have come forward to share their mental health experiences. In Your Corner partners with these athletes to reduce stigma and raise awareness of the importance of mental health care. The organization also provides resources for responding to crisis, for finding ongoing support, and for strengthening community networks.

Alexa was diagnosed with complex PTSD following a family tragedy, during which her father murdered his fiancé before taking his own life. Alexa and her family have also sought treatment for a variety of mental health struggles throughout their lives.

“My family endured a terrible tragedy along with years of abuse,” says Alexa Conners. “I know many other competitors have been through similar circumstances or can relate in some way. Mental illness isn’t always transparent. There are many faces when it comes to this, and we want you to know that we are here to support you and build a community of people who are just like you.”

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About In Your Corner

In Your Corner is a 501 c (3) non-profit organization dedicated to supporting combat sport practitioners and their families. Established in 2022, the organization was founded by Alexa Conners, a mixed martial artist whose life experiences, personal growth, and love for the combative community inspired her to create a space where fighters could share their stories and find the help they need.

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